Component-based Software Architecture of Robot Controller

CoSARC (Component-based Software Architecture of Robot Controller) methodology provides a generic view on robot control architecture design by means of an architecture pattern. The proposed pattern is adaptable to a large set of hybrid architectures. It provide conceptual framework of the developers, useful for controller analysis. The phase of analysis is an important stage because it allows outlining of all the entities involved in the actions and reactions of the controller and the interactions between them. It is made by following concepts and organization describes in the pattern. It takes account robot controller description depending on robot physical portion, to make the analysis more intuitive.

The central abstraction in the architecture is the Resource. A resource is a part of the intelligence robot that is responsible for the control of a given set of independently controllable of physical elements.

A resource corresponds to a sub-architecture decomposed into a set of hierarchically organized interacting entities. They are:
• A set of commands is in charge of the periodical generation of command data to actuators.
• A set of perceptions, a perception is responsible for periodical transformation of sensor data into more abstract data.
• A set of event generators, it is ensures the detection of predefined events and their notification to higher level entities.
• A set of actions, represents an atomic activity that the resource can carry out. An action is in charge of reconfigurations and commutations of commands.
• A set of modes, each mode describes the behavior of a resource and defines the set of orders the resource is able to perform in the given mode.
• A resource supervisor is the entity in charge of the mode strategy of commutation, which depends on the current context of execution, the context being defined by the corresponding operative portion state, the state of environment, and the orders to be performed. Robot control architecture contains of a set resources.

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