Offline Programming to Solve Industrial Robot Limitation

One simple approach to solve some limitations on, the industrial robotic systems development is still a costly, difficult, and time consuming operation, are the Off-line programming environments. These environments are based in platforms of graphical simulation, in which the programming and execution process are shown using the real objects models. Consequently, the robot programmer has to learn only the simulation language and not any of the robot programming languages. Other benefits of off-line programming environments include libraries of pre-defined high-level commands for certain types of applications, such as welding or painting, and the possibility to assess the kinematics feasibility of a move, thus enabling the user to plan collision-free paths. The simulation may also be used to determine the cycle time for a sequence of movements.

These environments generally provide a set of primitives commonly used by various robot vendors, and produce sequence of robot manipulator language primitives such as ”move” or ”open gripper” that are then down- loaded in the respective robot controllers. However, the current state-of-the-art of systems off-line suffers from two main drawbacks. The first, they do not address the issue of sensor-guided robot actions. Secondly, they are limited to a simulator of robot motion , which pro- vides no advanced reasoning functionality, nor flexibility in the tasks.

It proposes an integrated, formal and high- level approach to industrial robot programming that would solve the above problems. It is necessary to have the following components (some may exist, some others need to be developed) to use this approach:

• A truly high level and declarative language.
• An easy-to-use front-end
• An intermediate representation
• An automatic generator of the robot code generators

It presents the importance of a modeling technique and discussion the four components of this approach. At the end, appear the conclusions and future works.

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