Robots Interaction with and Acceptance by Humans

Interaction between human and robot will be easier if the robots are humanoid. The more humanoid the robot, the easier it will be for a human to intuitively understand its limitations and capabilities, to plan its actions and to communicate directions clearly. Ideally, interacting should be natural that even a child should utilize easily robot assistance.

It needs a large number of interactions for a human level intelligent robot to gain experience in interacting with humans. If the robot has humanoid form, then it will be both natural and easy for humans too interact with it in a human like way. Actually it has been the observation that with just a very few human like cues from a humanoid robot, people fall naturally into the pattern of interacting with it as if it were a human. Thus, we can get a large dynamic interaction source of examples for the robot to participate in. these examples can be used with various external and internal evaluation functions to provide experiences for learning in the robot.

One of the most dedicate and important factors to take into consideration for the success of service robots relates to the psychological aspects and to the implementation of techniques for human robot interaction in ‘unstructured’ and ‘unprotected’ environments such as a house.

Humans have a tendency to develop resemblance affinities. We can relate better to a chimpanzee than to a snake. It is similar that we find it easier to interact with a humanoid than with a large insect like robot.

One should mention that beyond the to anthropomorphization of the robots, some studies and theories such as the theory of Social Responses to Communication Technologies, indicate that on a more fundamental level, people’s interaction with computers are identical to those between others human beings. The recent field of interactive robotics, which includes service robotics and personal robotics, will play an important role in developing appropriate robot-human interaction means.

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