Develop Robot Using BasicX Microcontroller

Controllers and processors continually improve at an exponential rate. Courses instructors in microcontrollers and microprocessors need constant exposure to the latest technologies available to ensure that their students remain on the cutting edge of our technological capability. This article focuses on how the BasicX (BX-24p) microcontroller may be utilized to control non-holonomic autonomous mobile robots.

This includes interfacing common robotic components such as: motors, sensors and end effectors. The BX-24p is a microcontroller industry grade that is very robust and powerful. It is also compatible with the microcontroller carrier boards of BASIC Stamp, the BASIC Stamp’s components and other components commonly found in technology and engineering classrooms. Many helpful BasicX control functions are discussed and explained that were utilized for the development of two mobile.

One of small-scale system that is often used as an introductory experience of microprocessor or microcontroller is the BASIC Stamp II (BS2) microcontroller by Parallax. The BS2 is an educational carrier board called the Board of Education (Boe) and a robotic chassis giving the whole system the nick name “Boe-Bot.” Parallax also makes a variety of sensors and add-on components, which in most cases have all the necessary circuitry prepackaged with the sensor. These low priced devices allow students the opportunity to develop robotic systems using microprocessors in an environment that is safe, easy to interface, cost effective and enjoyable.

The language of the BX-24p is called BasicX and is almost 100% compatible with the QBasic and Visual Basic. It also has the programming structure of other popular languages such as C++, C, Java, and Perl. This allows students to learn these languages and techniques and implement them in the classroom without having standard industrial equipment. Once students move beyond higher education, they will have knowledge of commonly used languages and techniques and not just theory. All of the capabilities of the BX-24p make it a good choice to control systems that need high-powered performance at a low cost.

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