Human Robot Interaction

Robots are machines endowed with the information processing, sensing, and motor abilities. Information processing takes notably the form of perception, reasoning, planning, and learning, in addition to feedback signal processing and control in the robotic systems. The coordinated exercise of these abilities enable robotic systems to achieve adaptive behaviors and goal-oriented. The communication technologies enable robots to access networks of the software agents hosted by computer systems and other robotic. New generations of the robots are becoming increasingly proficient in coordinating their behaviors and pursuing shared goals with agents of heterogeneous teams which include other robots, humans, and software systems. The robots were mostly confined to industrial environments, and rigid protocols severely limited human-robot interaction (HRI) there during the last decades of the last century. Environments, which range from the extreme scenarios of deep sea explorations, space missions, and rescue operations to the more conventional human habitats of workshops, homes, offices, hospitals, museums, and schools. In the particular, research in a special area of service robotics called personal robotics is expected to enable richer and more flexible forms of HRI in the near future, bringing robots closer to humans in a variety of healthcare, training, education, and entertainment contexts.

Robot ethics is an applied ethics branch which Endeavour’s to isolate and analyze ethical issues arising in connection with present and prospective uses of robots. The below questions vividly illustrate the range of issues falling in the purview of robot ethics.

• Who is responsible for damages caused by personal and service robots?
• Are there ethical constraints on the control hierarchies design for mixed human-robot cooperative teams?
• Is the privacy right threatened by personal robots accessing the internet?
• Are human linguistic abilities and culture impoverished by extensive interactions with robots which are linguistically less proficient than human beings?

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