Mechanical Robotic Arm Structure

The world Robotics, meaning the study of robot was coined by Isaac Asimov. Robotics involves elements of both mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as control theory, computing and artificial intelligence. According to Robot Institute of America, a robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move parts, materials, tools or specialized device through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks”.

The fact that the robot can be reprogrammed is important. It is definitely a characteristic of robots. In order to perform nay useful task the robot must interface with the environment, which may comprise feeding devices, other robots, and most importantly people.

Mechanical Structure of the arm
It made use of three stepper motors and gears since the structure is a three dimensional structure in constructing of the arm. There is a stepper motor at the base, which allows for circular movement of the whole structure, the other at the shoulder which allows for downward and upward movement of the arm; while the last stepper motor at the wrist allows for the picking of objects by the magnetic hand.

A microcontroller is an entire computer on a single chip manufactured. Microcontrollers are generally dedicated devices embedded within an application e.g. as engine controllers in automobiles and as exposure and focus controllers on cameras. They have a high concentration of on chip facilities such as parallel inputs/outputs port, serial ports, counters, timers, interrupt control, analog to digital converters, random access memory, read only memory, etc in order to serve these applications.

The I/O, memory, and on chip peripherals of a microcontrollers are powerful digital processors, the degree of control and programmability they provide enhances significantly the effectiveness of the application.

The applications of embedded control also distinguish the microcontroller from its relative, the general purpose microprocessor. Embedded systems often require multitasking capabilities and real time operation.

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