The Motion of Mobile Robot in Unknown Environment

A robotic vehicle is an intelligent mobile machine capable of autonomous operations in structured an unstructured environment, it must be capable of sensing (perceiving its environment), thinking (planning and reasoning), and acting (moving and manipulating). Thus, the recent developments in autonomy requirements, intelligent components, multi robot system, and massively parallel computer have made the IAS (Intelligent Autonomous System) very used, notably in the planetary explorations, mine industry, and highways. But, the current mobile robots do relatively little that is recognizable as intelligent thinking, this is because:
• Perception does not meet the necessary standards.
• Much of the intelligence is tied up in task specific behavior and has more to do with particular devices and missions than with the mobile robots in general.
• Much of the challenge of the mobile robots requires intelligence at subconscious level.

The motion of mobile robots in an unknown environment where are stationary unknown obstacles requires the existence of algorithms that are able to solve the path and motion planning problem of these robots so that collisions are avoided. In order to execute the desired motion, the mobile robot navigates intelligibly and avoids obstacles so that the target is reached. The problem becomes more difficult when the parameters that describe the model and/or the workspace of the robot are not exactly known.

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