Types of Robot based on the Function

Just as there are multiple tool boxes, multiple robotic formats exist that are suited to different application requirements:
SCARA robots are best used in dispensing, pick and place and gang-picking applications for assembly and packaging where loads are moderate and high precision accuracy is not the top priority – for instance, in assembling cell phone to place covers or buttons in the right location. SCARA robots are appropriate for plane-to-plane moves and have a small footprint, making them an ideal choice for manufacturers with space constraints.

Delta robots also are useful in pick-and-place applications for assembly and packaging when the load is light – typically less than one kilogram – like candy or lids for jars, and they are capable of operating at very high speeds. Delta robots are ideal for plane-to-plane moves. However, they are only able to move up and down relatively short distances in the Z axis – typically less than 100 millimeters.

Articulated arm robots are ideal for applications with a large work envelope and heavier payloads. In addition to plane-to-plane moves, they are also well suited to painting or welding applications where movement over and under objects is necessary.

Cartesian robots are frequently used in everything from life sciences application to cartooning, dispensing, palletizing and large assembly projects. A Cartesian robot is a good choice for any system that has clearly defined x, y, and z axes.

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