Navigation the Key Important in Autonomous Robot

Navigation is the ability to move and on being self-sufficient. The IAS (Intelligent Autonomous System) must be able to achieve these tasks: to avoid obstacles, and to make one way toward their target. In fact, recognition, learning, decision making, and action constitute principal problem of navigation. One of the specific characteristic of mobile robot is the complexity of their environment. Therefore, one of the critical problems for the mobile robots is path planning, which is still an open one to be studying extensively. Accordingly, one of the key issues in the design of an autonomous robot is navigation, for which navigation planning is one of the most vital aspect of an autonomous robot.

Several models have been applied for environment where the principle of navigation is applied to do path planning. For example, a grid model has been adopted by many researchers, where the robot environment is dividing into many line squares and indicated to the presence of an object or not in each square.

Besides, the most important key of the navigation system of mobile robot is to move the robot to a named place in known, unknown or partially known environments. In most practical situations the mobile robot can not take the most direct path from the start to goal point.

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