The robot soldier is coming

The Pentagon predicts that robots will be a major army force in the American military in less than a decade, hunting and killing the enemies in the wars. Robots are a crucial part of the Army’s effort to rebuild itself as a century of 21st fighting force, and a $127 billions project called Future Combat Systems is the biggest military contract in American history.

Robot soldiers will increasingly think, see, and react like humans. At the starting, they will be remote controlled, looking and acting like lethal toy trucks. They may take many shapes as the technology develops. And because their intelligence grows, so will their autonomy.

The robot soldier has been planned for 30 years. And the engineers who involve in this project say it may take at least 30 more years to realize in full. The military have to answer tough questions if it intends to trust robots with the responsibility of distinguishing friend from foe.

Robots in combat as envisioned by their builders may look and move like hummingbirds, tractors or tanks, cockroaches or crickets, even like a humans. They may become swarms of smart dust with the development of nanotechnology. The military robot is concerning for gather intelligence, haul munitions, search buildings or blow them up.

Several hundred robots are scouring caves in Afghanistan, digging up roadside bombs in Iraq, and serving as armed sentries at depots of weapon. An armed version of the bomb disposal robot is in Baghdad, capable of firing 1000 rounds a minute. The robot will be the first thinking machine of its kind to take up a front line infantry position though controlled by a soldier with a laptop. Within a decade the ground vehicles and a third of deep strike aircraft in the military may become robotic. It is mandated by Congress of United States, so it will spend many billion of dollars on military robots.

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