Scorpion Robot Vision

Robot vision is one of Scorpion Vision Software’s focus areas. Scorpion gives the robot the ability to pick products with high precision in 2D or 3D. Flexible automation means robots, automation and vision working together. This reduces cost and increases the flexibility and possibility to produce several product variants in one production line at the same time – 24 hours a day – with profits. The vision system’s ability to locate and identify objects is critical elements in making these systems.

Scorpion Vision Software has been used in robot vision and inspection systems for many years. Scorpion has a complete toolbox of robust and reliable 2D and 3D image processing tools needed for robot vision, gauging and assembly verification. Included in high accuracy and sub-pixel object location with 3DMaMa and PolygonMatch technology is making it a perfect companion to world class image components.

Scorpion Vision Software is flexible and easy interfacing to standard robots. With Scorpion Vision Software it is easy to implement reliable communication with robots from any vendor. Scorpion is used with robots from ABB, Motoman, Kuka, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Sony, and Rexroth Bosch over serial and TCP/IP ports. The specification of the robot is 2D and 3D robot vision, robot guiding. The robot will be inspected 100% inspection and the aim is zero defects.

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