Programming Language of Colbert

Colbert is called as a sequencer language by its developers. It is a part of the Saphira architecture. The Saphira architecture is an integrating sensing and control system for robotic applications. Complex operations like visual tracking of humans, coordination of motor controls, planning are integrated in the architecture using the concepts of coordination of behavior, coherence of modeling, and communication with other agents. The motion control layer of Saphira consists of a fuzzy controller and Colbert is used for the middle execution level between the motion control layer and planning.

Colbert programs are activities whose semantic is based on FSAs and are written in a subset of ANSI C. the behavior of the robot is controlled by activities like:
• Sequencing the basic actions that the robot will perform.
• Monitoring the execution of basic actions and other activities.
• Executing activity subroutines.
• Checking and setting the values of internal variables.

Robot control in Colbert means defining such activities as activity schema each of which corresponds to a finite state automation. The activity executive interprets the statements in an activity schema according to the associated FSA. The statements of a schema do not correspond directly to the states of the FSA. For instance, conditional and looping statements will be probably represented as a set of nodes.

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