Technology and Market Trends of Robot Effect

For years, robots have represented the cutting edge in manufacturing. And until recently, they have been viable only for manufacturers with complex needs and big budgets. But today, robotic solutions are becoming more versatile and easier to attain. They are a practical solution for a broadening range of manufacturing applications – from vision-directed, high speed pick and place packaging, to high precision automotive assembly and semiconductor handling.

Technology and market trends are helping bring robots to the forefront of machine design, including:
• Flexibility demands – constantly shifting consumer preferences put increased pressure on manufacturers to offer a greater variety of product styles, shapes and sizes. A programmable robot that can perform different tasks with quick changeover helps end users produce this variety for less money and using less space.
• Worker safety imperative – manufacturers around the world are increasingly focused on corporate responsibly, including making sure manufacturing operations protect the company’s most asset – its workers.
• Declining hardware costs – over the past 10 years, more robot sourcing options have entered a competitive market, helping lower the cost of the hardware used for robots.
• Quality improvements – the increase in robot sourcing options also has helped drive improvements in the quality of the hardware and controls available.

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