Research Robots in Our Life

Robot is created to help the humans’ task and do some tasks that cannot be done by human or too risky for human such as taking a bomb form a building, entering unknown cave, work non stop for 24 hours, and many others. One crucial robot usage in humans’ life is definitely making a research. United State produced a robot for research purpose in 1988. It was made to support NASA project in outer space.

That time, the research robots were made just like human. It has body, hand, legs and head. Until that era, so many fields were inspired to make robot as the part of the activity. Nowadays, the development of robot is highly increased. Cute robot like Honda Asimo is just one of the proofs. Well, some people do not agree that Honda Asimo is included in research robots category because it does not do the research like what outer space robot do.

Honda Asimo works just like the part of the society. It is made to give a service to human like opening the door, pick up the phone, pushing wheeled chair, and many others. Well no matter what type of Honda Asimo robot is, whether it is included in smart robots or research robots category, the most important is, the robot can give positive contribution to the society.

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