Robotics Introduction : Robot Basics You Should Know

The construction of a robot is neither easy nor difficult either. Before moving on to a further step, every beginner should come to the robotics introduction level first. The best strategy is to use as many off the shelf items as possible. As your confidence and skill level grow, you can design and build your own components. In addition, as you work with different materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal, you will learn the properties of each and how you can use them in your own robot designs.

In a robotics introduction level, you can build a remote-controlled robot. It is a very simple motorized wheel done by assembling the motor from a toy car and making the body taken out of a toy car and made bodies out of poster board and construction paper. It is very exciting to design and build such small project for your robotics introduction. In fact, this activity will definitely teach you a valuable thing about what to construct at a low price.

If you are a newbie on robot building, you are likely have to read the robotics introduction. In fact, you should try one of the paper robots building since it is so easy for you to do and you will definitely find lots of fun in doing it. A remote control system, a motorized base, a power supply as well as body are the four essential subsystems of a robot whether it made of paper, wood or metal

1. Remote control system:
The ability to remotely control your robot is a big part of its appeal. The two types of remote control are wired and wireless. For robotics introduction, however, wired remote control system is the best system to start out with.

2. Motorized base:
It is the motor driven wheels. This is where many robot builders face the most problem. To solve this problem you should buy motorized wheel units. These units already have a motor mounted to drive wheel and usually assembly is in a frame you can modify to attach to your base. You can buy it on a supplier. Another good source is children's ride-on toys. They already have the motors and wheels mounted to a frame. You can use it or removed and mounted on your robot base.

3. Power supply:
In robotics introduction, how to power a robot is another area where the beginning robot builder can experience difficulty. You will find that different systems have different power needs. The simplest is use rechargeable batteries to power each of these systems.

4. Body:
One of the key point to keep in mind while designing body is what will you build your robot out of? In robotics introduction this can be particularly vital. What materials are you familiar with is first question. Then do you have a tool to work with a certain material, how much does it cost, how much weight. You have asked yourself to all these questions.

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