Humanoid Robotics : the Human Imitation

In the past, we only know robots that looked like a machine. The robots were looked like a combination of iron and wire. Well nowadays, with the contribution of robots in our life and technological development, we can find many robots that look like human. The robot has a head, body, legs, arms, hands, and other parts of human body. Some robots are even having a gender. They are created like men or beautiful women.

This type of robot is usually called as humanoid robotics. Besides it similar physical shape with human, the robots are having various abilities as human such as adapting new situation, recharging its own batteries, avoiding dangerous things, making interaction with human, and many others. Some robots are even having the ability to play with human like playing ping pong.
Humanoid robotics can be said as the most complex robot types because the robots are completed with various components and programs so it can imitate human perfectly.

Humanoid robotics can be used in various fields from research, education, to social help. What make this robot type better than the other are the sensor, control, and planning. With those programs, the robots will be able to act like human.

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