Robot for Education

In this modern day, sometimes we do not realize that we make our life easier by using robot technology. Robot can be used to help us with our simple activity like carrying a stuffs to crucial thing like detecting and moving a bomb. Industry world is the one that often use robot. Almost 90% of the industrial activities are done with robot help. The major usage of robot is for business. Robot is able to do the hard and difficult jobs that are impossible to be done by human. Business industry grabs many benefits from robot usage because it is tireless, cheap, and the company does not have to spend extra money for insurance and salary.

Another field that can take the advantage of using robot is an educational field. With educational robots, teacher can introduce the students on robot and technology. Teacher can also teach the students on how to create a robot. With that way, the students will be able to get new knowledge, explore their idea on creating robot, and even make an innovation.

Nowadays, educational robots are already used for class project. The educational robots are able to develop the students’ hobby and creativity. Competition is already provided as well to stimulate students’ innovation.

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