Robotics Tutorials : Vital Components of a Robot

In recent decade robots have captured the interest of more and more people. As interest in robots grew, there are a couple of numbers of robotics tutorials showing how to build robots began to appear. These robotics tutorials come in various kinds of types, based on its market. Today you can build a robot just by following the instruction on robotics tutorials even though you do not have any kind of experience on building a robot. The author of robotics tutorial has customized it based on your skill level. So, do not worry if you are a beginner. You still can build your imaginary robot provided you can get its tutorial. All you need is a desire to build a robot and use a bit of your imagination.

As an introduction of robotics tutorials you should know the big picture of how to build a robot. A big picture or concept is a complete circuit so a robot is going to live. In this article, you are going to find two main part of a robot. Just like a computer, it needs a hardware and software. So in building a robot, you need two important things:

1. Hardware. It may include items as follows:
a. Robot brains
Just like a human or a computer, a robot needs a part that has a thinking function. It allows a robot follows the instructions and rules.
b. Motor base
Motors are one of the most common methods used to move around. Unfortunately, in robotics tutorials, it can be the most difficult subsystem to design and build instead of designing the robot and fitting the motor base to your design and build the base first and then fit your robot body to it.
c. Sensor
Robots need a help to understand their surrounding, so they need a tool that can catch what's happening. There are two kinds of sensor bump sensor and light sensor.
d. Bodywork
If you are a beginner, and it is time for you on reading robotics tutorials the simplest way is buying a strong plastic chases that are an ideal base for most projects. However, if you want to have great imagination, so hit the garage. Find something scraps and get building. Some people say that another good material is Lego brick.

2. Software
The most common basic on programming is using the basic micro controller. Do not worry if you have never programmed before. It will help you on your robotics tutorials. Programming is necessary to make machines that can work by themselves, without human interventions. It lets you tell it what to do.

However, before thinking any further about the concept of your robot and choose which robotics tutorials to choose, you have to answer the first question on the purpose of building your own robot, “what does it do”. It is a starting point so you can determine hardware and software what you need.

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