Building a Robot with Our Children

With the development of technology, people are trying imitate the way human move and work with robot. Robot was developed over centuries and nowadays, we can find various types of robot for various usages. Robot can be used for industry need to home need. In this modern day, robot is not only made by big manufacture, but we can crate our own robot, our children can participate to build the robot as well.

Truck robot or simple robot set can be build as a class project or children’s project. Robot kits children like Owi Turbo 300 can be a perfect option for our robot project with our children. If we are hobbyist, then we can try the more advance robot like programmable robot. We can still work on these robot kits children with our teens. For us who have a good understanding about robotic components, then we can challenge our skill with complicated human liked robot. We can try to build a robot with legs and hands that can do several jobs like walking, carrying, and moving an object.

If we are living in an area that receives so much sunlight, we can use the light to build solar robot. This robot is using solar energy as the source of energy. It can be included in robot kits children because it can be made in simple form.

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