DIY Remote Controlled Robots

The robot car with remote control seems so interesting and tempting, but unfortunately, the price can be so expensive. If we are in budget and want to have a robot car that completed with remote control, then why don’t we try to build our own robot? For us who have ever watched the Transformer, then we can make the robot as our design inspiration. We should never think that we need complicated and expensive components to buy the robot.

To build remote controlled robots, all we need are simple components like chassis, batteries, motors, remote control, and of course wheels. Chassis is the major component for our robot. It becomes the body frame of the robot. Batteries are needed if we are not using the solar energy. Batteries become the main energy supplier for the robot. Other components needed are motors. Motors are the devices that change the electrical energy from batteries to mechanical energy.

Since we want to make remote controlled robots, then remote control is needed. If we have no good electronic skill, then it will be better if we buy remote control on the store. Last, but not least are wheels. The wheels are to replace legs. It can give various movements like front, back and side to side. With those simple devices, remote controlled robots will be in our hands

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