One Robot with Various Programs

Simple or complicated robot is no longer dominated by manufactured industry because we can build our own robot as well. If we usually find a robot that is only made for a single purpose or activity, then nowadays, we can create a single robot that can be made for various purposes by changing its program. On the other word, we do not need to change the robot physic, but all we need to do is giving a new command with different software.

The programmable robot kits are usually completed with patters that can be read with an infrared. Since this robot is emphasize its software, then physical aspect is not holding so much role. As long as the robot is having multiple axis that allow various movement, then we all we need to do is changing its program.

Programmable robot kits can be used for any activity. We can create the simple robot body and make various programs for the robot. To make the robot physic so simple, we can complete it with wheels. For the easy programmable robot kits handling, we can create and on- off program so the program is only working when it is needed. Since the project is so easy, we can make it as a project with our kids.

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