Robotic Vision : The Innovation of Robotic World

Over decades, most robotic hobbyists or people on the robotic industry are focusing on the physical robot movement only. People focus on the physical movement because it can be use to lighter human’s activities. The robots are programmed to do the same movement over and over again. It can be seen on the factory. Robot is only used to replace human. It works by doing repeated movements.

Well, nowadays, since such kind of robot becomes an ordinary robot, and even a child’s play, then the robotic industry try to make a new innovation by creating robotics vision. Unlike the ancestors that only have physical movement ability; the robotics vision has ability on vision or visual identification. It is completed with camera that works like human’s eyes.

The camera on the robotics vision can identify the color and shape of an object. With the device, the robot seems like it able to think. It can do several reactions to specific object, depend on the robot program. For example, the robot will rotate it head when there is a red object in front of it. This robot type is a development on the robotic industry. It maximizes the usage of robot in our life.

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