Robot, a Hope to Make Our Life Be More Enjoyable

We cannot argue that our technology has growth from year to year, because it has certainly proved. The main actors at the development of our technology are the scientists. The scientists have created many sophisticated tools to help our lives be better than before. They always do research in every time and provide the results of their works to our lives. Of course, we should thank to them for this. We cannot imagine how difficult our live is without the scientists’ helps.

Robot is one of the scientists’ discoveries, which potentially to be the most significant tool for human live. The scientists have expected to make a robot that can do most of human daily activities. The scientists have always tried to improve the ability of robots so that a robot can replace the human position to settle all their work especially at home. All of we have known that we have been busy with our current activities and this will be increase rapidly at the future.

Of course, the numerous of our daily activities will make our household chores are neglected and it will make us feel bad along day. Thinking about this situation that potentially happen to us, the scientists hope that robots could eventually make our lives be more enjoyable.

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