Robot and Computer

Do you remember the first time you use the product that is related with technology. Well, if you compare it with the situation right now, you might find that there is so much different with the past times. Why? It is because technology’s progress is moving rapidly so that we cannot even predict what will be the next thing that will be offered in the market that we can use to enhance as well as to simplify our life, in other words to make many kinds of activities easier.

From all of the current products, probably the most influencing product is on the computer. However, if you are interested towards robot, this product also achieve so many progress, not only in its appearance that can be seen like real human being, but also on its program that can act more like animated being.

By definition, robot’s source of power is by electricity. It is a mechanical machine that has the artificial intelligence to work on its own. Most people refer a robot as having certain capabilities, for example to have animated mimics (human or animals), influence its environment, move about, showing clever actions, etc. robot can have two main functions, the first one is for general purpose and the second one is for specific purpose that is called as dedication robot.

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