Robot in Industry

If you are a smoker, does it ever occur to you that the cigarette you are smoking is packed so nicely tidy? Well, most of you would probably know already that the robots that do the job. In the cigarette industries, robots are used to pack the tobacco. Giant machines that work in the factories are indeed robots. They have multi tasking. From doing the laborious work to the delicate task is done by the robots.

Whether you realize it or not, when you are driving your car, the robots have given its contribution in assembling the very car that you have. Heavy duty and risky task in assembling the parts of a vehicle by human labor have been substituted by robots. The machine is programmed to assemble the automotive parts accurately. Thus, the robots use its large arms to assemble the body of the vehicles.

These industrial robots have common similarities. They are heavy and rigid devices that are limited to manufacturing. They are also operating in precisely structured environments and perform single highly repetitive tasks under the preprogrammed control. Therefore, the quality of the industrial products can be controlled because these robots can steadily perform the various dangerous, tedious and tiring tasks which human meet their physical limitation.

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