Some Info on Robot

Internet has astonished so many people even for those who have used it since the first trend of this World Wide Web. Why is that? It is because the network involves so many people that keep on added. With so many people inside the network, there are many creations that are made. Therefore you will never know what you can get from the internet tomorrow; it is because the information or product from other people keeps on added every day.

However, our achievement in technology is not only on the computer. There is also advance progress in the product called as the robot. Robot is the mechanical machine that works with the energy from electricity. Another important aspect of the robot is its possession of artificial intelligence that allows them to receive process and give respond towards the processed data like animated being.

When we talk about a robot, our first impression usually will lead us to refer the robot to have some capacity to influence and sense its environment, show intelligent actions, move about, etc. referring to its function, robot has two main functions. What are they? Their functions are to serve general purpose and to be a dedicated robot for specific purpose.

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