What is Exactly the Meaning of Robots for Humans?

If we are thinking about the usage of robots for human, we will agree that the robots are the best tools for human to doing their jobs or their works. Yes, the meaning of robots for humans is only as a device to make our jobs or our works easier than we have to do it by our self. A robot have made for help human to make their works solve easier and faster.

Actually, human can finish their entire task by their self, but in accordance with their destiny, human will always to find the easiest way to get whatever they want. The destiny find the easiest way to make our tasks be easier and faster to do make people continuing to make or create some tools so their works and their tasks can be done effectively. Robots are the greatest invention by human to make their activity be more unlimited. The robots have made people feel they have found the best servant that will do all of their command without any doubts.

However, as well as human in generally, we often forgotten that do our jobs and our tasks by our self will make our ability improve and grow. The existence of robots makes some of us be lazy and do not want to try harder to solve our problem. We often surrender everything to the robots to do it.

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