Robot and Education

Robot is famous not only for the robotic engineer but also for the common people. Robot has been well known since the first robot movies played on theatre. By watching those movies, people have a vision about what robot will be used the next day and the children have the dream to have a robot for themselves.

Nowadays, in an elementary school, the children are trying to make the simple robot, even in their parent’s garage. This activity is good to motivate the children about inventing the new technology, especially in robot area. In many countries, the students can attend the robotic competition to realize their idea about making a robot. The developing countries have the centre of robot developing which usually has the connection with the college or school.

When they graduate from the senior high school, they can choose the technical college to deepen the knowledge about the basic subject of making a robot. Some scientists believe that the robotic engineer field will grow next day. This area will create a new job field and become a big interest for so many people. That is why parents should teach their children about science as well as motivate them to reach the future.

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