Mechanic Artificial Intelligence

Technology has shaped our civilization so much that we cannot even know that we already dependent towards it. However, no matter if the dependency will bring god or bad towards us, the euphoria of technology usage occurs right now. It can be seen mostly from our enthusiasm in using the computer, especially if it is already equipped with the internet access so that we will be able to get any information we wan t.

One of the most interesting products from technology is the robot. Though you already saw from the movies and science fiction, do you know that there are so many definitions in it? Or, do you know the main functions of real robot in the real world (outside the fictional stories we watch in TV)? One of the definitions of robot is the mechanical machine that has an artificial intelligence in the form of computerized program to do its own task.

There are two functions of robot. The first function is to serve for general purpose and the second one is for specific purpose known as dedicated robot. Commonly, our impression about robot is its capability to be in motion, manipulate its physical environment, show animated mimics, collect data, process data, respond the processed data, show animated behavior with artificial intelligence, etc.

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