Robot in Information Era

Computer has astonished human being in its progress and general impacts in civilization. And, seeing from the progress, it seems like people is getting more and more dependent towards the presence of computer. No matter if you look at this condition from bad or good point of view or even both, the fact is nowadays people are celebrating the freedom of information and communication that are allowed by the computer.

However, besides computer, people also have another interest towards the latest result of technology. It is called as robot. When we, as laymen, hear the words robot our first association will be the thing that wants to be seen as us, though unlike us its energy is from electricity. Besides that, it also has the capability to move around, shows intelligent behavior, operate mechanical limb, mimic the humans and animals expressions, and manipulating the environment.

Moreover, robot also has the capability to perceive data from certain materials in certain physical environment. After that, some robot will process the perceived data and give respond towards it. Based on its function, there are two roles of robot. The first one is called as dedicated robot and the second one is the robot with general purpose.

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