Behind the Scene of a Robot

Robot, as a wonderful achievement of human civilization, has been improving since years ago. People who work on inventing a robot are very smart person. Those persons are coming from various disciplines. Some people called them as a robotic engineer.

As it stated before, the robotic engineer cannot stand alone from a special discipline. They consist of various persons from any science background. The electrical engineers design the electronic control of a robot, signal control and the power circuit. The structure of a robot includes the movement mechanism, heat transfer and so on, are designed by the mechanical engineering. The software as the soul of a robot and the computing hardware are designed by the computer engineers or software engineers. Those inventions need at least the basic of the mathematics and physics subjects.

The company usually hires the undergraduate students to do these excellent improvements, because the young scientist usually has a great curiosity to invent something new. Still, it needs the interference of the expert technician to teach the new people on understanding how to make the best robot. It will be difficult for the new people to make every detail of a robot and program the smoothest and tiniest motions.

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