The Entertainment Robot

Nowadays, the robots are widely produced. Some top companies have produced the robots which can be used by the people as their friend, partner or assistant. Those robots have been well known after some movie producer had created a robot movie years ago. The most favorite robot is the robotic pet which is produced on a grand scale by some companies in order to offer the entertainment to people.

It is being a trend in some developing country that people have the robotic pet instead of the real pet. The companies use the computer algorithm to produce the commercially robot, such as a dog robot. This robot can act like the real animal. It can hear, see, walk and even bark. The company chooses the animal form in order to make the people familiarize with it, especially for the children.

There is also another advantage that the robot can connect to the electronic devices wirelessly to send messages, pictures and sound files. Other entertainment robots have the same action as the robotic pet, such as rolling, walk and talk, although it needs the remote control to adjust the sound. These robots can help the people to do such activities which have the connection with the electronic devices and it can entertain people well.

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