The Device to Help Human’s Work

In this era of information, there is nothing that can be considered as impossible. All things are made by the technology. So many varieties of our life are determined a lot by this technology, which makes our life simple and easy.

In transportation, there are many new types of vehicles that are safe for the earth since it uses lesser gasoline while reducing the carbon dioxide. In technology of information, the internet provides all kinds of information that we want, in communication cell phones have been shifting our lifestyle, what about the invention in robot?

Well, as you know robots are made in order to help human being to do the jobs that needs repetition, precision, safety, and also willingness to do the unpleasant jobs. There are several parts that are usually equipped in a robot; some of them are the effectors, sensors, computer, and equipment. The effectors consist of feet, arms, legs, and hands. The computer is the artificial intelligence that will make a respond towards given situations that consists of algorithms to control the robot with instructions. What about the sensors? They consist of some parts that act as detector towards certain objects according to the objects’ shape, light, heat, etc. Meanwhile, in the equipment there are mechanical fixtures to help the robot’s specific task.

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