Robot and Its Application

When people say robot, it may just be possible that what crosses the mind would be the composition of all metal that comes in the shape of a skeleton-like figurine. The truth is, due to today’s vast technologies, robot does not appear in the shape like what has been described previously. Robot nowadays has the appearance of beautiful air stewardess, maid, and other beauties. More than that, it is not a big surprise anymore when people start to have pet robots that come in the shape and behavior of a cuddly dog.

The technology of robots has been adjusted to accommodate human needs. For example, the pet robot is used to accompany elderly people without the regular errands of grooming and taking care of the pet as what real living animals do. Just recently, a runway model robot made its appearance in Japan’s fashion expo. The beautiful model wore the designer’s wedding gown and did its job as a model. What is needed to sustain the robot’s “life” is the proper maintenance that comes in quite handy compare to what common people may think it is.

It has been an obsession for scientists to achieve things that can make human lives easier. Therefore, they always seek the best for human interest. It is in robots that the scientists and researchers believe that people can be greatly helped in many aspects. Robot can substitute works that highly risky. With its specifically precise programming, robots can do the elaborately accurate tasks.

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