Robot, the Technology That Works the Unpleasant

There are limitless things that are offered by the world of information nowadays. One of the most important technologies that are offered today is the technology in information. Of course everybody who is familiar with computer already knows this facility that is called as the internet. What can be the other product from technology that people usually interested in? It is the technology that is shown from the electronic device that helps people to do the “unpleasant” activities.

Do you know the technology that is meant above? Well, you must already know about the robot. Yes, robot is the programmable device that consists of electronic and mechanic units whose functions is to replace the task of living agent.

To help the work of a robot, there are some inseparable parts that a robot must possess. What are they? They are the effectors, sensors, computer, and equipment. In the effectors, there are several parts that look like and work relatively the same as the actual human body parts; they are the arms, hands, feet, and legs. Besides that, there is the most important that works like a very simple human brain; this is called as the computer. This part is very important to give respond towards the stimulus that comes from the sensors.

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