Can Robots Replace the Function of Human Existence?

There are many types of robot now. People have created robots for many purposes to make their job easier and faster to do. Certainly, the robots’ existence begins to be significant for human lives. Some of people think that they cannot survive with their jobs without using robots as their tools. This case has been make some of us worried that someday the robots existence will replace human existence.

Well, actually, if we take on this calmly, we will know that the robots are only the tools for human. There are no concerns at all to consider that someday robots will replace of human being. With other words, we can say that presumption about robots will replace the human being is nonsense.

When the scientists have created a robot, they all had known that a robot is only a machine with some metal materials as its raw materials.

Of course, this is different with the human creation. When a human was born, he or she also was equipped with some complex things including the ability to feel, to think, to be angry, and expression. No matter how perfect the robots have created is, they still cannot compete with human even with the stupidest human because the stupidest human still will have a desire but the robots will not have it.

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