The Replacement of Living Agent’s Work

What do you like the most when you are asked about your favorite items during this era of information? If what you like the most is the facility that you can get from the internet, it will be not surprising because the fact is almost all people are an active internet when they possess a computer unit or personal computer. After the computer, there is gadget that is in the form of many simple tools, which is usually small, and can give us new products with unique forms and functions.

What about the product that is related with robot? What actually a robot is? Well, generally robot is a machine that is used on behalf of a living agent. In specific definition it is a programmable device that consists of electronic or mechanical units that has the characteristic of self control.

Mostly, there are four main parts in a robot; they are the effectors, sensors, equipment, and computer. The equipment consists of some mechanical fixtures and tools. The computer, which is the main core of the artificial intelligence of a robot, consists of algorithms for given specific instructions. Effectors in robot usually have some imitation of human’s body like feet, arms, hands, and legs.

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