Is a Robot Better Than a Human?

As we know, that robot can do some jobs continuously and constantly along day. Maybe we will ask are the robots better than human? Certainly, if we think about its stability when carrying a task, we ought to say robot is better than human. A robot can stand with a job along day without complain and moaning.

This situation will be different at human. A human will cannot stand of a job along day. Human usually need some break time for relaxation or doing something else beside their job. They also will not use their work time fully, generally human only use their work time 80% maximally. They need to talk with their coworkers or do anything in the sidelines of their work time.

However, there are some significant points that make people still better rather than a robot. People have a sense, but robot does not. The sense will make our jobs or our tasks will be more creative. Therefore, robots cannot do some works that need creativity because they never had this. It also causing the robots will never have a desire and motivation to make their works or their jobs better than before. Absolutely, based on facts above, we can still say that human is better than robots.

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  1. the idea is not elaborated well. the information is not that enough.


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