Technology and Robot

In this era of technology, the word impossible seems losing its context since we can always believe to the science and technology that there will be solutions in every kinds of need. The latest facility that is offered by the technology is shown mainly by the computer, which is on the World Wide Web that is connected with the internet from every user whose computer has the access for the internet connection. However, still related with programmable matter, besides computer there are many other things that astonish us.

One of the examples of the latest result from technology is the robot. Yes, although one institution from another can define it differently, people have so much interest and curiosity towards it. One of the definitions tells that a robot is a mechanical machine powered by electricity that has the capacity to do the task on its own based on the computerized program as its artificial intelligence.

Based on the common conceptions of robot, it have some characteristics like the capability to show intelligent behavior, move around, show animated mimics of human or animals, operate mechanical limb, and the capacity to manipulate and sense its environment. Besides that, robot also capable in collect data from physical objects and to process it.

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