The Development of Robots is Also Dangerous for Our Life

We sometimes agree that the development of technology has supported our life very much. The development of technology enables us to finish our works fast and easy. We should be grateful for it. However, the development of technology is not always good for us. We should be critical to face this phenomenon so that we can avoid bad possibility which may come.

One example that the development of technology is not always good comes from robots. Many people create robots to replace peoples’ risky works. However, there are also some people who use robots to do a job which is actually not too risky to replace people’s work. If we are critical enough, this phenomenon is very dangerous for us. Why we can say like that? It is because if there are many people use robots to work with us, there will be many people also who will be retired from their company. As the result, there will be many unemployed people in this world.

Besides, robots will also lead people to be lazy. There will be no struggle anymore for many people since they can finish their works using robots. They just sit down in a chair while the robots work for them. As a good citizen, we should know this phenomenon that robots can replace all of our works and we will be very lazy, then.

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