Robot in Information Era

For many years science has led human civilization not only with outstanding achievements in human knowledge, but also its capability to make life easier. In what sense that the life is made easier by science? From all of the other aspects, probably it can be seen very clearly from the products that are offered by technology. For example, it can be observed from the technology of information where people can use the limitless facility from the internet since all people can offer what they possess to other people whether it is in the form of material or ideas through this media.

Besides the technology in information there is also another technology that is done by the mechanic that can replace the jobs that usually rejected by human, because it requires the willingness to do the unpleasant, safety, repetition, and precision. This technology is called as robot.

By definition a robot is a programmable electronic device that functions representing a living agent. There are some important parts that cannot be separated from the robot. What are they? They are the effectors, sensors, computer, and equipment. The most important aspect in the robot is the computer which is like the brain in human being, which is called as artificial intelligence in robot.

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