Motors in a Robot

Just like computers robot needs hardware and software to be able to perform its duty. The software is like the soul for human and the hardware is the body and its part. The software and hardware should work together in good harmony to make sure the robot has smooth and controlled movements.

There are many types of hardware that used in a robot and all types has its own function to support certain function of the robot. Here are some examples of the hardware of the robot. First is motor. Motors are the most common hardware attached in a robot. Its main function is to produce spinning movements. There are 4 main types of motors that can be attached in a robot. They are DC motors, AC motors, stepper motors and servomotors. DC motors and AC motors are the most common type of motors they give simple movement motion to the robot, what makes them different is just the they produce the spinning motion from different type of electric current.

Stepper motors are also quite the same with AC and DC motors, what makes them different is the applying of power to different magnets in the motor, so it will give not just constant speed of spinning motion but different spinning speed movements. Servomotors are the most sophisticated motors among others because if servomotors are simply motors with feedback and gearing systems so if they are given a signal, they will adjust themselves until they match the signal given.

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