The Undersea Robot

The developed technology which becomes the obsession of many scientists is becoming popular nowadays. It is achieved with the invention of robot. Robot is the programmable device that consists of electronic and mechanic units whose functions is to replace the task of living agent. Many scientists dream that these robots will help the people next day as the assistant, partner or friend.

The undersea robot is a great application to realize that purpose. It is dangerous to work undersea for human. People find some difficulties to about the oxygen, light, movement and the over pressure when they are in underwater. That is why the scientist invents the undersea robot to help human doing the works underwater with special controller which could make the smooth movement.

Those robots are designed mimicking the sea animal, such as lobster, which has the gripping arm and can walk on the bottom of the sea. The robot can grip something rigid for the oil rig necessity. In some countries, the robot is used to do the coral and fish conservation or map the terrain coral on the ocean floor. Those robots have the special sensors, as the depth and light sensor with many scanning sonar and a camera.

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