Robot in Technology Era

Using the internet, people can go anywhere and meet anyone they want, as long as the person with whom he or she wants to have communication with also possesses the internet connection. This is the basic thing that makes most people are very interested in the technology, which is to make life seems easier. Though judging the standard of something hard and easy can be discussed further, we can see that the euphoria in technology is happening right now.

In simple things, we can find the tools that are known as gadget. However, in a more complex product, we can see a genre in technology that is called as robot. What is it, actually? What are its main functions? Though there is no single definition, most people refer a robot as a mechanical machine moved by electricity and guided by electronic program to do the any given task on its own.

In the functions, there are two main uses of it, which are robot for general purpose and the dedication robot for simple and more focused purpose. If seen from its characteristic in the first impression of robot, it has the capacity to manipulate and sense its environment, manage a mechanical limb, move around, mimic the animated being, and show an intelligent behavior.

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