Acquainted with robot

What probably people think when they hear about robot? Some of them maybe imagine about a human mechanical think like showed in some movies. Some think about the software which actuates those things. But for sure, the existence of robot is used to help the people do the activities. For a common people, it is better to know a few related subjects about the robot.

To make a robot needs a mathematical formulation which calculates about the details of robot, such as the velocity level and position level. The mathematical formulation is combined with the computer algorithm to activate the robot. The motions of each robot are studied in a kinematics subject with so many kinematics applications.

As the main purpose of making a robot, the scientist imagines that the robot will be the next big thing to help people, for example as people’s assistant or bodyguard. Many developing countries have developed so many improvements on making a robot, although the robot market is still focused for the wealthy people. But the public field has used the help of robots for its activities. In a medical field, the surgeon or medical treatment uses the micro robot to help the doctor. People can find the better result in this medical area as well as in other areas.

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