Software as the Soul of the Robot

Software is used to control the movement of the robot. Software also used to store the program for the robot so then the robot can do its function. Software will give command to the hardware to make certain movement or function and because there are many commands for many hardware made by the software at one time, the robot can be used to do jobs like human do.

There are many types of software that usually used in a robot and they also have different function. One of them is the OROCOS or the Open Robot Control Software. From the name we can tell that this software is open sourced that means no licenses needed in order to use this software. The main reason why this open source software is developed is to open sharable libraries for robot control software that provide many software for many different purpose of robots.

There are three types of this open source software for robot. They are GNU Octave and GNU Scientific Library or GSL. Both software are freely distributed software and used widely in robotics worlds. GNU Octave is high level language used in robotic software, it usually used in solving the numerical computations. GSL is also used to do numerical computations. This is the effort that done to provide more modern, extensive and ANSI C libraries.


  1. Hi!
    Your article is really interesting but you forgot to mention Urbi among the open source softwares. You previously needed a license to get it but now you don't anymore, which makes it even more valuable ;)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi!
    Have you heard of Urbi? It's an open source software you can use on any robot. I thought you might that interesting ;)
    Thanks for all the information you give in all your articles.

  3. nice1...thanx 4 infoation...


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