Parts and Functions of a Robot

What do you like the most from all kinds of technology that led the human civilization in this era of information? it will surely not surprising if you enjoy the most the limitless products and services that are provided from the internet, since the more people use it, the more people are exchanging mutual information. However, besides the internet, there is also another technology that is admired by human being for its capacity to do the hard jobs that used to be done by human.

The jobs are usually unpleasant and require safety, stamina in repetition and also precision of each job that are done. This technology is called as robot. Do you know what a robot is? Robot is the programmable electronic and mechanic device that is exploited in place of living agent.

There are some parts that cannot be separated from a robot. The parts are the sensors, effectors, computer, and equipment. In the computer, which is the most important part, there is an artificial brain or artificial intelligence that consists of instructions or algorithms to control the robot under specific situations. The specific situations usually come from the sensor, which consists of the detectors to distinguish different objects based on its shape, light, heat, etc.

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