Robot’s Function and Important Parts

There are so many things that are offered by this era of information. Why is it? It is because information is easily transferred from one place to another so that inventions are not only dominated by certain groups of people in certain geographical as well as community term. That is why most people love to use the facility from the internet. However, besides the technology in information shown by the internet, people also admire the achievement that is done in the industry of robot.

Why? It is because there are so many kinds of activities that are done by the robot that usually needs safety, repetition (stamina), precision, and also unpleasantness that are avoided by human being since the risk will be smaller if all the jobs that are related with those aspects will have lesser risk if they are done by the robot.

The robot, which is the programmable device that functions in lieu of a living agent, has some common parts that usually exist along with it. What are they? They are the equipment, computer, sensors, and effectors. In the effectors, some related parts are the imitation of human body such as the feet, hands, legs, and arms. In the sensors, they consist of detector parts to become aware of certain object based on its shape, color (light), heat, etc.

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