Robots Really Help Us to Do Our Works

The development of technology gives us many advantages. This development enables us to finish our works easily without taking much time. However, we should us the technology wisely. We should also keep the technology well. Otherwise, we will not get the advantages from the development of technology. One example of the results of the development of technology is robot. Many smart people create robot to help people to do their risky activities.

Robot has been developed since 1921 by Karel. He is a writer from Czech Republic. The word robot comes from the word “robota” which means the worker. In 1948, William Grey Walter creates the first electric robot. This robot can give respond to the light. This robot also can make contact with something. Then, in 1954, a digital robot was created by George Devol. This robot can be programmed by someone. After that, people begin to create many other robots.

Following the development of technology, many robots have been created to help people. Now, we can see that there so many robots in hospital, restaurant, library, and many other places. They help people to finish their works. It makes the people can do their works faster and easier. However, we should keep the robots well after they work for us.

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