How Did People Can Create a Robot?

People have been considering about the usage of robot. As we know that a robot is a machine that able to do some of our tasks by give it some programs and using electricity as its energy. When people were creating robot for the first time, they never thought that someday robots would become a perfect servant for human being. Yes, a robot can do some tasks without any complains as long as we order it according its right program. The robots also will never demand for a payment and will not hate or like to us because they have no mind and emotion. They just only will do everything that has ordered to them.

Technically, the discovery of calculator and computer had begun the discovery of the robots. After these discoveries, people started to think about how to combine the mechanical with the programs in computer. They tried many things to make a tool can be work with some order from computer. Then people efforts began to work with the creation of electric tools and ultimately they can create a semi and full automatic tools.

With some improvements, the scientists have made these semi and full automatic tools easier to use so we can call these tools as the robots at least.

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